Synchronized Tally

iOS & Android Synchronize in Real Time.

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Count on Multiple Devices at Once

Tally can run on as many phones/tablets as you need. Link them via an in app code, then tally on any device. All linked devices will update the total without a refresh. Manual overrides are possible.

Tally on this device,

Or Any Device

iOS, Android and Fire Tablets are supported. Every device has an accurate count at all times.

Try It

Download the app and use this this code. Start making tallies.


See The Updates

Use our web viewer to see updates as you make them.

Live Updates

Dashboard of Activity (Pro Only).

See every tally and the name of the device making the tally.

Sample Dashboard

What Do Our Customers Say?

Tally is in use in many industries. Here are the problems our customers have solved.

We have multiple points of entry. Tally kept track of our occupancy levels with all devices in sync, even the back office.

Setup and training takes seconds. It's dead simple to start. Shift changes are no longer a problem.

I do pitch counts for baseball. Everyone sees the count in realtime.

I know how many people are waiting for a table at any time and don't need to worry about the fire marshall.


Support team is amazing. They've helped me with some issues and I am so grateful to them.


Free Features


We only tally, we don't need any app permissions on your phone.


No account needed and no app permission requirements.


Device setup is simple and fast.

Pro Features


A log of every tally from every phone every time.


See a chart of activity over time to monitor tally activity.


Export your data to other programs as CSV.

Visit our Pricing Plan Page.